Water Bottle Outreach | July 17, 2021

In an effort to reach our community, Inland Lighthouse Church does outreach each Saturday in a variety of ways. Our Sunday school and bus teams go out regularly to get new families to Sunday school and in addition to this each CareGroup in the church takes turns doing the same.

These outreaches take on many forms ranging from door-to-door inviting people to church to phone call outreach to free car washes but most recently we had 2 consecutive Saturdays where we did a water bottle giveaway. Each time we replace the label on the bottle with a customized Inland Lighthouse label. As you can imagine this took some time so thank you to the teams that were able to get together to make this happen!

Following this, on Saturday, 1st the Ingroup and then the Forever group loaded these bottles and ice chests and went all over the city to distribute. They went to grocery store parking lots, city parks, busy intersections and more and gave away around 500 bottles of water.

In the past we have had people attend our services and even received the Holy Ghost and be baptized from this type of outreach so we are expecting God to do great things as result of these efforts! Thank you to everyone that contributed.

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