• Beth Baus
      Beth BausProgram Director

    If you are sick and tired of living in the bondage of addiction, B-FREE is for you.  B-FREE offers a unique, faith-based recovery program that combines the tools of Christianity with other quality instruction, in order to build a broad and stable foundation for genuine sobriety.  The result is a healthier and more productive life steeped in God’s everlasting love and forgiveness.  There is no cost for the 26 or 52 week program; but seating is limited.  Please call for more information.

    Bible Quizzing
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    • Manuel and Teonna Perez
        Manuel and Teonna PerezDirectors

      Bible Quizzing is a fantastic ministry for those ages 5 – 18.  It is designed to put the Word of God into young people’s hearts.  Not only is it one of the best things that a young person can do spiritually, but Bible Quizzing can also be exciting, fun, competitive, and enjoyable.  There are very few other areas in which young people are able to socialize with so many other Godly youth on a regular basis.

      Bible Studies & Outreach
      • Caleb and Sarrah Dillon
          Caleb and Sarrah Dillon
        • Gavin and Valerie Berrier
            Gavin and Valerie Berrier

          You can be taught a free Bible Study in the comfort of your own home or at another location of your choosing.  These studies are designed to introduce or expand one’s knowledge of the Bible.  We provide many types of studies ranging from a one-hour session to weekly studies over an extended period.

          Through a variety of activities, efforts and ministries, we endeavor to reach out to those in our community.  We also have a prayer request line you can call anytime at 1-844-PRAY ILC.

          Please call for more information.

          College & Career (Single, and out of High School)
          • Adam and Sharon Pierce
              Adam and Sharon PierceCare Captain

            College and Career is for single young adults who are out of High School.  We desire to lead this group to discover their unique God-given potential and to make a difference within their influence.  Throughout the year various types of relaxing and socializing activities are planned, such as, after service fellowships, BBQ’s, and outings.

            Daughter’s of Zion (Girls Ages 8 - 12)
            • Mindy Rowe
                Mindy Rowe

              Daughters of Zion is a pre-teen, mentoring group offering activities with a strong spiritual emphasis for girls ages 8 – 12.  In addition to fun-filled outings, they also have training in a variety of life skills.  Mothers are welcomed and encouraged to accompany their daughters at these occasions.

              Deaf Ministry
              • Mary Yoder
                  Mary YoderCare Captain

                Sign language interpretation is available during our services for the hearing impaired.  We have several very capable translators who provide this service.  There are also several fun activities planned throughout the year.

                Fabulous Forties (Ages 40 - 49)
                • Galen and Lori DeCosta
                    Galen and Lori DeCostaCare Captain (A - D)
                  • Randy and Rhonda Lee
                      Randy and Rhonda LeeCare Captain (E -L)
                    • Bob and Norma Lee
                        Bob and Norma LeeCare Captain (M - Z)

                      Even though our lives are fast-paced, we realize the importance of slowing down and taking time to be with members of “like precious faith”. This welcoming group of individuals, ages 40 – 49, meet several times a year to enjoy each other’s company in various types of get-togethers, and times of fellowship.

                      ilcLIVE (Youth Ages 12 - 35, Never Married & No Children)
                      • Gavin and Valerie Berrier
                          Gavin and Valerie BerrierYouth Leaders

                        The youth ministry of Inland Lighthouse Church believes in and loves its young people.  We are here to provide a balance of spiritual environments where relationships with Jesus Christ can be made and fun-filled activities where friendships with like-minded young people can be formed.  Besides the various ministries our young people have the opportunity to be involved in, numerous activities and trips are also planned each year for them to participate in.

                        inGroup (Ages 18 - 39)
                        • Richard and Kim Moore
                            Richard and Kim MooreCare Captain (A - F)
                          • Caleb and Sarrah Dillon
                              Caleb and Sarrah DillonCare Captain (G - M)
                            • James and Leaya Thomas
                                James and Leaya ThomasCare Captain (N - Z)

                              The goal of the InGroup is to be inclusive, interactive, encouraging, and an inspiration to the Inland Lighthouse Church family.  The InGroup includes everyone from the ages of 18 – 39.  This group strives to provide fellowship in a fun and friendly environment.  Some of the main events include potlucks, and the all-church Memorial Day Picnic.  We would love for you to join us at our next event.

                              Keenagers (Ages 50+)
                              • Richard and Joyce Pierce
                                  Richard and Joyce PierceCare Captain (A - C)
                                • Mark and Jeanne Olvera
                                    Mark and Jeanne OlveraCare Captain (D - H)
                                  • Don and Christine Moore
                                      Don and Christine MooreCare Captain (I - O)
                                    • Arlin and Cindy Pierce
                                        Arlin and Cindy PierceCare Captain (P - Z)

                                      One of the most valuable possessions of Inland Lighthouse Church is its elders. While placing tremendous emphasis on our ever active youth group we have determined that the wisdom and experience of these wonderful elders will never go unnoticed or unappreciated. The Keenagers are for those who are 50 years and above, and enjoy exciting and active times of fellowship and recreation!

                                      Ladies Ministry
                                      • Erica Booker
                                          Erica Booker

                                        The women of Inland Lighthouse Church have been blessed by the Godly fellowship of our Ladies ministry.  Several times a year, various events are planned for our ladies to gather and enjoy a time of fellowship in a relaxed and refreshing environment.

                                        Lighthouse Christian Academy
                                        • Sharon Pierce
                                            Sharon PiercePrincipal

                                          Providing a Christian-based education in a healthy environment is the aim of Lighthouse Christian Academy.  From Pre-K through High School, a child can obtain their entire pre-collegiate education surrounded by wholesome peers.  Our staff consists of experienced teachers who have a passion for educating young minds.

                                          For more information please contact Lighthouse Christian Academy directly.

                                          (909) 820-2191 | www.lcarialto.org

                                          Men’s Ministry
                                          • Mark Olvera
                                              Mark Olvera

                                            The men of Inland Lighthouse Church play many important rolls.  In addition to serving in a variety of ways, they also gather several times a year for a Prayer Breakfast, which usually includes a guest speaker.  During these times of fellowship, friendships with like minded men are created and strengthened.

                                            Men In Training (Boys Ages 8 - 12)
                                            • Mario Lopez
                                                Mario Lopez

                                              Men in Training was created to teach our boys, ages 8 – 12, to become stalwart, responsible, and yes, physically and mentally tough men.  Some of the MIT activities include mud football, camping, fishing, snow trips and other character building events.

                                              Music Ministry
                                              • Jana McVay
                                                  Jana McVayMusic Director
                                                • Sarah Booker
                                                    Sarah BookerChoir Director

                                                  Providing powerful, uplifting, spirit-filled music is the aim of the Inland Lighthouse Church Music Department.  The ILC Sanctuary Choir, Worship Teams, Children of Praise, Voices in Praise, and other various groups are just a part of this important ministry.

                                                  Prison Ministry
                                                  • Mike Baus
                                                      Mike Baus

                                                    The Inland Lighthouse Church Prison Ministry is comprised of men and women that have a unique burden for the lost souls at the California Institute of Men in Chino.  We believe that no life is beyond the reach of God’s love and forgiveness.  Our goal is to provide a ray of hope and to teach the beautiful truth found in God’s word to these men.

                                                    Soul Sister’s (Ladies Ages 18 and above)
                                                    • Marcella Thomas
                                                        Marcella ThomasCare Captain
                                                      • Christine Moore
                                                          Christine MooreCare Captain

                                                        Soul Sisters provides strength for single mothers, widows and any other ladies who want to join for the opportunity to fellowship, and to pray together.  This group meets monthly for outings and events.  They also are active in visiting the elderly, and those who are sick.

                                                        • Carl and Vicki Brown
                                                            Carl and Vicki BrownSpanish Pastor

                                                          This ministry is an integral part of Inland Lighthouse Church, and has grown dramatically under the strong leadership of Pastor Carl Brown.  On Sundays at 1:30 P.M. and Thursdays at 7:30 P.M. they hold Spanish speaking services.  Other activities and events are planned and coordinated throughout the year as well.

                                                          Sunday School
                                                          • Phillip and Jen Booker
                                                              Phillip and Jen Booker

                                                            The ILC Sunday School department teaches children the principles found in God’s word each week from 10:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M. Sunday mornings.

                                                            Sunday School is also a dynamic outreach tool for our community.  Our bus ministry, the Holy Ghost Riders, and its able team of caring volunteers, weekly reaches out to children and young people from our city.

                                                            While having fun with puppets, give-aways, songs and games, these children come away with a deeper knowledge of the Bible and an appreciation for the Kingdom of God.

                                                            Available Classes:

                                                            • Toddlers: Ages 2 – 4
                                                            • Beginners: Ages 5 – 7
                                                            • Power Hour!: Ages 8 – 10
                                                            • Junior High Boys: Ages 11 – 13
                                                            • Junior High Girls: Ages 11 – 13
                                                            • High School: Ages 14 – H.S. Graduates
                                                            • Adult Class: Ages 18+ (Held in main auditorium)

                                                            For updates on the Holy Ghost Riders, and the exciting things happening with our bus ministry, visit www.ilchgr.blogspot.com.