Update for January, 2023

What an incredible week at Inland Lighthouse Church!  We have had many get the Holy Ghost in church, in Sunday School, during bible studies and one even before a bible study even started!  There have been several baptized and pray back through and that is just the start of what God is doing!

The Rialto blitz started last week and the efforts of this church have been absolutely incredible.  The first week 5,768 door were touched all across Rialto with over 200 people getting involved to make it happen!  Young people, our elders and those in between have all committed themselves to witnessing to our city and we are ALREADY seeing the results!

As if all of this wasn’t enough, last Sunday night was our building fund kick-off for 2023 and it was the biggest commitment this church has EVER made.  The entire night was off the chain with incredible singing and worship followed by the incredible ministry of Pastor Rowley… however, when the total of the offering was announced, the roof nearly blew off the church.  People ran the aisles and eventually outside lead by Sis Erica Booker.  After a quick lap around the grass, everyone spontaneously gathered in a circle on the grass as the most impromptu groundbreaking ever took place.  It was glorious.

God is always good to ILC but this week it seems that He has especially smiled upon us all!  WE CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS!!!!!

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