Thanksgiving Weekend, Pathfinders & Sunday School | November 20-21, 2021

Last weekend was an exciting if busy time at ILC.  We had our youth bake sale, a Pathfinders’ BBQ fundraiser and our annual Thanksgiving dinner and Sunday School.  It was a fun if somewhat hectic time.

The pathfinder group, for those unacquainted, is for our young men to develop skills that will give them a good foundation living for God and for being the strong and capable men a healthy church needs.  In the past they have done many things from hikes to learning about framing and electricity, how to fix a car and this weekend, how to prepare, smoke and serve high-end pulled pork BBQ.

They came in early Saturday morning and met with Bro James Thomas and learned about seasoning, making BBQ sauce and starting and running the smoker. They put the meat on to cook and many of these young men stayed all day long until 6pm when they pulled the meat off and began to prep it for the next day.  On Sunday they made pork sliders and sold them to the church members where votes were cast for the best grill masters!  Thank you Bro Caleb Pierce and Bro Thomas for making this fun event take place.

On the Sunday School side there was a lot going on as they served over 200 kids and adults while also have revolving Sunday School.  They had a lesson area, a game area, a story / skit area and of course, the food area.  Four groups were formed and traveled to each of these locations learning about being thankful and of course, eating Thanksgiving dinner.  This was following with LOTS of giveaways in the Spanish sanctuary.

This was HUGE undertaking and we are so thankful for the MANY people that made it happen but notably the Tirado family and company for prepping the food, running the kitchen, serving and cleanup and to Sis Marcella for coming in clutch with food prep!

We have so much to be thankful for this year.  God has been so good to Inland Lighthouse Church!

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