Sunday School | September 24, 2023

On September 24, 2023, the students of ILC Sunday School delved into the timeless Bible story of Isaac and Rebekah and witnessed a powerful altar call that left a lasting impact.

The focus of this Sunday school was the biblical narrative of Isaac and Rebekah, a story that has been cherished for generations. Isaac, the son of Abraham, and Rebekah, his chosen wife, exemplify faith, trust, and divine providence. Their story is a testament to God’s intricate plan and guidance in the lives of His people.

The Sunday school teachers skillfully unpacked the story, drawing parallels between the challenges faced by Isaac and Rebekah and the trials that individuals encounter in their own lives. Attendees were captivated as they explored the importance of seeking God’s guidance in their journeys.

As the Sunday school session came to a close, the kids gathered for the altar call. The teachings from the story of Isaac and Rebekah had stirred the hearts of many in attendance. Tears flowed as kids came forward. God did great things!

We are thankful for another great day of children’s ministry at ILC.

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