Sunday School Holy Ghost Service | August 22, 2021

Last Sunday morning we had a Holy Ghost service which is where all of the classes from the toddlers up to the college and career gather together in the Spanish sanctuary and have church. Yes, we do still make it fun and exciting initially by singing action songs, giving various attendance awards and this time bus rider of the month and student of the month awards for each route and class but then we just had church! Powerful, Holy Ghost filled church!

We had Bro Andrew Howard preached the sermon and he pulled no punches as he talked to all of our kids about the importance of being ready to go to heaven! And the kids responded. The altars were full of children praying and soon there were kids receiving the Holy Ghost and being renewed all across that sanctuary. We had some of our bus riders that we had not seen in a long time pray back through to the Holy Ghost, and three young people were filled for the first time!

We are so thankful for everything that God did and is going to do! We know He’s not done yet. Help us pray that He continues to help us fill up our buses and to see the children of the Inland Empire one by one live for Him!

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