Sunday School Holy Ghost Rally | Feb 4, 2024

This last rally was Holy Ghost filled as we saw four Sunday School kids speak in other tongues for the very first time! From the pre-class activity, to songs, class and bus awards, all the way to altar call, the air was buzzing with Holy Ghost electricity. During the weekend of a beyond incredible Winter Youth Retreat, we still had some youth determined to hop on their bus routes that Sunday morning, regardless of how little sleep they got the past 48 hours. As skeleton crews rolled out across four different cities, all five buses managed to bring back a whopping total of 106 kids!

A new offering challenge was presented in an effort to raise funds to help support the Riverside daughterwork! The last challenge that was completed was in support of the San Bernardino branch and the kids raised enough money to help them purchase a brand new table for their Sunday School class. We are so proud of our kids and their giving, we cannot wait to see what God will help them do for Riverside.

Bro. Julian Estrada led the rally with a powerful message about how we cannot get rid of sin on our own, but we are in desperate need of Jesus’ help. This was demonstrated in a captivating narrative that told the story of a man who had leprosy since he was a small boy and taken away from his home. When Jesus passed by all those many years later, the man reached out in desperation for Jesus to heal him. As soon as he was healed, the man ran back to his old home to proclaim the miracle that he just experienced. As long as there is a determination inside of each of us to want to be changed, we are never too far out of His reach to be forgiven, healed, or cleaned so that He can use us mightily for His Kingdom.

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