Sunday School / Bus Ministry | Feb 25, 2024

Another great day of children’s ministry at Inland Lighthouse Church. We had great Sunday School across the board and are so thankful for all of the great teachers and help that God has blessed us with! Each class takes the time to decorate, plan and make the day special for the children in their care.

In the Superclass for ages 5 to nine, we moved our castle that had been created for the children’s revival into the fellowship hall for our main decorations, and it came out great! The transition from growing in the garden to the castle was interesting, and it was amusing to see Farmer Phil bonk his head while plowing and wake up in the kingdom.

All our classes taught about the power of the Holy Ghost as the final stage in speaking of the plan of salvation. Each class was marked with great altar calls, and we are thankful for what God did in our young people!

Our buses ended up picking up around 100 people from all across the Inland Empire, and it’s exciting to see God do great things in their lives.

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