Sunday School Birthday Party for Jesus | Dec 17, 2023

This Sunday at ILC Sunday School, the final party of the year was off the charts as the classes threw their annual birthday bash for the ultimate VIP—Jesus! The classrooms were decked out with decorations and cakes with candles.

Games? Oh yes indeed. We had a a cake-eating contest that reached gastronomic heights with some peculiar ingredients and in the spirit of gift-giving, there was a lightning-fast Saran Wrap ball contest where the girls soundly trounced the boys earning the right to get gift first at the end.

The teachers were in the center of the next game as the kids showcased their skills in speed wrapping by wrapping up the teachers.  The winning team was those who wrapped Bro Bob Lee crowning him with a gold reindeer.

Generosity overflowed as kind souls from the church and Toys for Tots made sure every kid left with a gift. A massive shout-out to everyone that helped make the festivities happen.  Congrats everyone you sleighed it!

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