Soul Sisters Thanksgiving Dinner | Nov 14, 2023

On Tuesday November 14, 2023, our Annual Soul Sisters Thanksgiving Dinner took place. About 40 women were in attendance meeting in the ILC fellowship hall for another wonderful thanksgiving meal.

Various dishes were prepared consisting of turkey, ham, mash potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie etc. including some delicious tamales and even pepperoni pizza!!!  We had fun playing few Thanksgiving games, the famous left-right game, pass the mint and had some raffles. We also celebrated in song, those special ladies having a birthday for month of November.  

All in all, we had a great time and didn’t leave without sharing the most important reasons for our fellowship, that is to give God thanks for all the love he has shown us.  Encouraging words were presented reminding us of the depth of God love, who gave his life for us, cares about us, saved us, we are specially made and brought by God.

The Annual 2023 Soul Sisters Thanksgiving dinner was truly a memorable time filled with fellowship, fun and food.  I look forward to 2024 Soul Sisters Thanksgiving dinner!

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