Soul Sisters Pismo Beach Trip | October 4 to October 6, 2023

On Wednesday October 4, 2023, a group of Soul Sister met at ILC to caravan to Pismo Beach California for a three-day getaway. 

One of the stops on the way was to the beautiful city of Solvang, a famous historic Danish town. The group spent a few hours exploring the quaint Danish gift shops, then tasted the delicious Aebleskiver served with raspberry jam and dusted with powdered sugar before heading onward to Pismo Beach.

Reaching Pismo Beach, the group arrived at the famous Sea Gypsy hotel enjoying the rest of the week relaxing, eating, fellowshipping, etc.  Once in Pismo Beach the Soul Sisters had their own tour guide, Sister Marlene Lorenza lead the way to visit the sights of Monarch Butterfly Grove, famous Arroyo Grande Lighthouse, watching the sunset at Pismo Beach and exploring caves/crevasses. The group dined from various Pismo Beach eateries feasting on specialties such as Splash Café for the best clam chowder, Avila Valley Barn for cold apple cider pops Madonna Inn to see and taste the famous champaign cake, Old West Cinnamon Rolls for the biggest and best cinnamon rolls. Finally, the group headed home but had one last stop in Ventura for a short time of shopping and Italian dinner. I can say the Soul Sister 1st Annual Getaway was tremendous but don’t take my word for it, here are a few more followed by pictures.

Sister Karen Ramos, “It all started with prayer at the church for a safe trip. We were all excited with the anticipation of our journey. The drive to Solvang and time spent there was fun and tasty. Once we hit pismo beach I was beside myself. Sister Marlene you were the perfect tour guide. The beaches, the food the perfect place to see the sunset, apple orchid, monarch butterfly trail everything was just beyond anything I could have imagined. Fellowship and fun were awesome. I enjoyed all the sisters coming to room and playing games I took pictures from my bed of the beach. Soo awesome stepping onto the beach from the hotel was dream come true. Always imagined but never thought it would happen the Italian restaurant was delicious roommates were awesome ride to and from were fun and finally being able to see Bishops’ church.”

Sister Wendy R, “I loved everything.”

Sister Socorro Chavez, “I had a very good time with you all would love to do it again soon thank soul sisters for making this trip possible, I had very good fellowship with the sisters, and I also want to give special thanks to sister Marlene for being out tour guide through this.

God bless her without her we wouldn’t have had the chance to visit the places we visited. Out of all the sight we seen they were all my favorite I loved being able to have visit the lighthouse church and a much than you to pastor hill who gave us a little tour and history of lighthouse, I can’t wait for our future trips.”

Sister Marlene Lorenz, “I felt SO BLESSED to be at Pismo with my Soul sisters and the little stops along the way You ladies are enjoyable and a blessing to be with”

Sister Ginger and Savanna, “the soul Sisters beach trip blending friendship, relaxation, and Godly fun. Sandy toes, beautiful sunsets, and yummy food. Capping it all off with getting a personal tour from Pastor Hill on the Arroyo Grande church…ode to Bishop Booker and family’s last ministry before being planted in Rialto God is so good!”

Sister Jody Bernard, “I had a wonderful time with all the ladies? I enjoyed the fellowship with my sisters. I also loved the view of the beach from our room and siting on the balcony in the mornings and evening. The sunsets were gorgeous!!! The restaurants were fabulous! Just wished we could have stayed longer.”

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