Rialto Blitz Week 2 Update

After such an incredible showing for the first week of the Rialto Blitz, ILC hitting over 5,700 doors in 6 days, it would be rational to assume that things would slow down for week 2.  After all, the excitement must be wearing down a little, people are likely getting tired and, hey, we RAN OUT OF DOORHANGERS! Of course things would slow down… wouldn’t they?

APPARENTLY no one thought to tell all of this to the 10 teams making up this incredible outreach! FAR from slowing down, they went on a tear that was groundbreaking and astounding. The first week numbers were good but SECOND WEEK WAS RIDICULOUS as four teams each gave out over 1,000 doorhangers and Team 7 nearly hit 2,000! As a whole, ILC contact nearly 10,000 homes in Rialto in ONE WEEK… nearly double the week before!

And God has been honoring the efforts.  Since the blitz many people have been filled with the Holy Ghost, many baptized and many other refilled with the Holy Ghost.  It has been true Apostolic revival!

We are SO thankful for all that God has done and doubtless will continue to do as we complete the now shortened quest of hitting all the doors in Rialto.  We are now looking about 5-6 weeks… God is so very good!

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