Rialto Blitz 2023!

The Rialto Blitz 2023 was a vision of our pastor to hit every single door in Rialto in 90 days. Sounds ambitious? Well, if you thought so you probably don’t after seeing the response after just the first week.

To break the goal down a little bit we have approximately 30,000 homes in the city and have split volunteers of the church into 10 teams of 10 (actually closer to 17 per team because of the overwhelming response). In addition, we have also divided the city of Rialto into 10 areas and each team has been assigned to one of those areas. This means that each person on a team only needs to hit around 3 doors per day or around 25 per week to accomplish
this goal.

The turnout by the people of Inland Lighthouse Church has been absolutely unbelievable! Every day this last week people were putting door hangers on the homes of our city! Saturday alone over 50 people gathered at 10 AM to
pray and then go out to our community. To our consternation we found that the initial order of 10,000 door hangers was nowhere near enough! They were all gone and a new order had to be placed far sooner than anticipated! What an incredible problem to have.

Many people have accepted the challenge of 25 doors per week and even upped the ante by hitting up to 100+ doors in a week! If we continue on the pace we were at, we will be done much sooner than 90 days! We quite simply cannot wait to see what the results of this incredible endeavor will bring both in the days and weeks to come and for our Easter tent crusade!

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