Revival with Bro Tipton & Bass

On Sunday, August 21, and on Wednesday Aug 24, ILC was blessed to have
Bro. Don Tipton preach. He had the will of God for the service on Sunday
morning when he preached about “Purity – Heaven’s Priority.” God give us
power, but God give us purity! He touched people of all ages in his message.

Sunday night we were blessed again and encouraged with his message “The Destination is His Presence,” and Wednesday night, we all made an altar for ourselves after he preached “Intercession.” These messages have made an
indelible impression on my life. I will not forget them.

On Sunday, August 28, Bro. Wade Bass preached both Sunday morning and evening. His sermon “Let the Goat Go” was powerful, encouraging us to let go of our failures, our past, and remember that our sins are covered with the blood of Jesus. We can let our guilt go!

His message Sunday night “Cut the Rope” was taken from the time when Paul was in the ship and a big storm came up. The sailors wanted to
leave the ship, but God said no one would die if they stayed in the ship. He reminded us to stay with the ship; stay with the church; stay with the
people of God! Thank God for these powerful messages!

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