Restore Conference 2023 | August 24-25

We are delighted to share what transpired during the Restoration Conference 2023, held from August 24th to 25th. We once again held this event at the Luminate Church and we witnessed a powerful move of God that we will cherish forever.

On Thursday night, there was an earnest hunger for a divine encounter. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation, and during the anointed preaching of Bro Joel Buxton on the topic “Does Hell Know Your Name?”, the presence of the Holy Spirit descended upon us.

We are thrilled to report that two people were filled with the Holy Ghost that night.  Lauren, a member of Luminate Church and also a young man who commutes all the way from downtown LA to Covina for church service!

The blessings continued to be poured out on Friday night, with even more attendees than the previous evening. Once again, God’s presence was palpable as Bro Joel Buxton delivered a powerful message titled “When What Hurts, Helps.”

Four visitors visited the church for the very first time on this evening and incredibly, three out of these four individuals received the Holy Ghost.  Two of these visitors chose to visit West Covina church the following Sunday, where one, named Dianne, who had not received the Holy Ghost during the Restoration Conference, finally experienced this incredible blessing at our West Covina church service.

We give thanks for the Restoration Conference 2023 and what God has done!

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