PEAK Youth Conference | July, 2022

On July 20-22nd thousands of people across the country gathered together in Houston,Texas  for the annual PEAK youth conference. In those numbers, 102 of our young people represented Momentum Youth; along with the helpful youth staff of ILC.

 Our young people had a great time fellowshipping in the hotel lobby and trying new foods in the area. From steaks, to burgers, to Deli sandwiches, we can all say Houston fed us well. Although it was a great time trying new foods and meeting new people, it was the power of God that met us in these services that made all the difference.

Our young people went into each service pouring their hearts into worship and giving their all throughout the remaining of the services. Brother Andrew Howard opened up the first night and Brother Wesley Jackson closed it out on Friday night. Each service began and concluded in a powerful time of worship and life altering altar calls. Momentum Youth has truly been challenged and equipped in these services, taking home every sermon preached and ready to take on our city!

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