Momentum Youth Update | May, 2023

We are rejoicing in all that God is doing with Momentum Youth. Recently Bro. Berrier shared the amazing things God has been doing in our youth department! God has been moving greatly and opening doors in the community! 

For 4 years we have knocked on the door of campus ministry at San Bernardino Valley College. On May 1st, the campus ministry was established and later this month they are hosting their second meeting! This is just the beginning of what God wants to do on our school and college campuses!

A testimony was shared of Bro. Estrada working on a call to a Boys and Girls home in Mentone. He asked if they would be interested in Bible studies. The house manager mentioned groups trying to start Bible studies but never returning for a second visit. He let them know we’d come and God is working and the door to Bible studies in Mentone is opening!

Not only is God opening doors but he is moving in our city and preparing hearts! At the beginning of the year, Momentum Youth adopted the vision of 75 souls im 2023. In just 4 months, 44 young people have received the gift of the Holy Ghost and several have prayed through. We are believing for 100 to be filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost and be an integral part of Momentum.

God is doing the impossible and the incredible and there is no telling what else He has in store for Momentum Youth in 2023. To quote Bro. Berrier, “He’s just getting started and we get to be part of it!”

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