Ladies Day | May 6, 2023

Ladies Day 2023 was a powerful meeting! God showed up greatly from the beginning of service through the altar call. We were blessed to have Sis. Lorraine Bertram from Lakeside, CA and Sis. Connie Tiller from Carrollton, KY as our guest speakers this year! Ladies were empowered and restored and left the meeting ready to win the battle and declare “Hallelujah, Jesus!” 

Sis. Bertram spoke about it being time to fight and how our mind is the first place the enemy attacks. She then taught that our weapons of warfare are prayer and worship. This powerful lesson was followed up with a mighty move of God as women across the sanctuary were picking up their weapons of spiritual warfare.

Sis. Tiller spoke on saying “Hallelujah, Jesus” in the middle of the storm. It is a small statement with great impact as it is giving praise to God and surrendering it to Him. She taught seven Hebrew words for praise and how they differed. She encouraged women to worship their way into victory. After Sis. Tiller spoke there was another powerful move of the Holy Ghost and women were encouraged and empowered.

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