Ladies Day at ILC | May 15, 2021

Saturday, May 15, Inland Lighthouse Church hosted a Ladies Day event. Thank you to those ladies who helped with the registration and lunch service and made them to go smoothly. The lovely meal, fellowship with old and new friends, and shopping at the vendor’s booths made the first part of the morning so enjoyable.

Yes, it was wonderful to connect with women of like precious faith, but what was so much more wonderful was to walk into the sanctuary and feel the Spirit of God as the praise singers began to sing.

Their beautiful worship paved the way for Sis. Tiffany Wells to speak. She was mightily used of the Holy Ghost as she opened her heart and told her testimony of grief and pain and how the Lord brought her through such difficult times. Her words made such a tremendous impact on many, and we will never forget that.

Sis. Beth Baus was the final speaker. Her dedication, wisdom, wonderful sense of humor, and down to earth style was evident in the way she related her experiences, and inspired many to be everything that God intended us to be.

We came away from Ladies Day uplifted, renewed, and filled with hope, for that’s what it’s all about. It is important for women to get together and draw strength from each other because we are not alone in our walk with God. Thank you ILC for allowing us to have such a special day.

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