Youth Summer Nights | July – August

As we have for the last several years, we have held a four week summer series with the young people. Our theme this year was “Summer Nights with Elders”.

On each of these four weeks, an elder from the church came to talk to the young people and impart life knowledge to them. Our speakers this year were Bro. and Sis. Richard Pierce, Bro. Eric and Sis. Nila Marxer, Sis. Ima Ford, Sis. Christine Moore, Bro. Arlin Pierce, and Bro. Ted Molander.

Every week valuable information was imparted to the kids and they were taught kindness, the consequences of sin, life lessons, and we concluded with the importance of prayer by Bro. Ted Molander. Bro. Molander challenged both young people and adults to make prayer a daily part of our lives… not something we do every once in a while. At the conclusion of his session, the power of God fell in the sanctuary and young people found an altar to pray. There is no telling all that transpired and we are excited about the future.

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