InGroup Christmas Party | Dec 10, 2021

Bustling, energetic, fun and very well attended are all good descriptors of the InGroup party held last Friday night.  There was an estimated attendance of around 100 people with kids outside playing basketball, on the trampoline and on jungle gym, adults around the double fire pits in the backyard, playing games on the porch, around the dining room table, huddled in the kitchen and all over the living room.  It was chaotic and wonderful!

We had several great soups which were perfect for the weather along with pizza, drinks and desserts for days.  The highlight of the night however, was the zany white elephant gift exchange with Lauren Decosta being the star of the show receiving a string of hilarious gifts, a story you have to hear if you haven’t already.

Thank you to EVERYONE that attended!  It was truly a great time of fellowship, camaraderie and festive spirit.  We got to know some people for the first time and others even more than before.  We cannot wait until next year!

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