Holy Ghost Rally | April 28, 2024

Last Sunday at the Lighthouse Church was nothing short of incredible. With the aftermath of a bustling children’s ministry conference lingering, our fellowship hall was brimming with enthusiasm. We rolled up our sleeves and dove straight into Sunday school, with a LOT OF help from our friends who had stayed over from the conference. The result? A Holy Ghost rally in our fellowship hall that was nothing short of spectacular.

The fellowship hall was packed to the brim with over 267 souls, from toddlers to teens, and only a handful of adults among them—just 30 to be exact. It was a sight to behold, with action songs blaring but the real excitement happened when Bro James Pelletier took the stage, armed with puppets and a bunch of eggs.

Then came Bro Chris Bradshaw from Union City, Tennessee. With passion he led us to the altar call and there, one young lady found what she was looking for—the gift of the Holy Ghost!

What an incredible day!

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