HarvestFest 2023 | Oct 31, 2023

HarvestFest at ILC was nothing short of a incredible, leaving a lasting impression on the 3,094 attendees who came together for an evening filled with excitement. People from all across the Inland Empire region converged upon the grass area at ILC, setting the stage for a time to remember.

The event featured 27 game booths that offered fun, entertainment and lots of candy. The lines may have been long, but the thrill of the games and subsequent rewards made the wait worth it while food vendors offered a variety of delicious options from tacos to pulled pork sandwich, pies and MORE, satisfying the appetites of the hungry crowd.

One neat note was the presence of the Rialto Police department, who not only ensured the safety of the event but also made a point to greet everyone with kindness.  Joining them were the incredible crew from the Yucaipa church lead by pastor Johnny Walker, bringing the pony rides which were just awesome!

The Sunday School stage was a hub of energy, featuring object lessons, skits, songs, and even the lovable Bacon, the pig mascot.  This combined with the balloon tying / Sunday School and Bus information booth which produced hundreds of fun balloons for the kids, were a big hit.

The music jazz stage set the perfect tone and rhythm for the day, keeping attendees in high spirits. Throughout the event, volunteers from ILC, with their dedication and hard work, ensured that everything ran smoothly, from the games to the food to the entertainment.

Behind the scenes, Sis Brenda Booker and her hardworking crew ensured that all the game booths were in tip-top shape and ready for action as well as so many that worked tirelessly in the days leading up to get everything in place.  We genuinely are SO grateful for the incredible saints of ILC who worked SO HARD!

As the day drew to a close, many stayed behind to help clean up, with some staying as late as midnight to get everything cleaned up. Their commitment to ensuring the event’s success and tidiness was truly remarkable.

Thank you to everyone who made this wonderful day possible!

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