Sunday School | April 17

We had a blast at Sunday school teaching about the siege of the city, the resulting famine and the lepers.

We typically serve the kids breakfast when they get off the bus but this Sunday due to the “famine” there was no food available… in fact there was only a sign saying “no food ever” along with a pot of rocks with a sign promoting “free stone soup”. Let’s just say that the kids were not amused and several of them were complaining vigorously about being hungry. We almost caved when some of them were telling us how hungry they were… but somehow we held out.

We taught about the story and about when the lepers felt like they had no hope they went to the Syrian camp and found the blessings of God. So much in fact that they shared it all with the city!

We asked the kids if they were hungry and of course almost every one of them raise their hands. We asked them if they were upset about not being able to eat and likened them to the city. We explained that God open the windows of Heaven for that city and somehow during class He had also done the same for us. We then pulled back the curtain and revealed this massive cake and cupcakes that my wife Jennifer had made along with 40 pizzas. The famine was OVER!

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