Esther Conference | May 2022

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, cousin, or friend of a young lady who is in the age range of 9-18 and have pondered the idea of having them attend the Esther Conference, I HIGHLY recommend you do so next year! Last week, 16 of our young ladies, four chaperones, and one drummer headed off to Chula Vista to attend Esther Conference 2022. The excitement of adventure, fellowship, anointed services, shopping, and Coronation followed by a Royal Tea Party filled the atmosphere all weekend long.

After unloading everything in the hotel room, we swiftly freshened up and headed out for Thursday night’s service. The atmosphere reflected that of ILC’s Ladies Day (for those who attended will understand), but on a slightly smaller scale and beaming with youth. With the kick off from Sis. Buxton, worship service began and you could feel the presence of God fill the room with grace and ease. Everyone joined together to welcome Jesus with open hearts and open minds. So much so that we got to witness the Lord fill a first time visitor, who walked in right off the street, with the Holy Ghost right off the bat! (And the church said, “Hallelujah!”) The service went on and our young ladies got to hear a wonderful testimony told by Sis. Tiffany Wells that connected with many of the listeners. Following the service, there was an opportunity to shop around and support a wide variety of Apostolic vendors, mingle with friends both old and new alike (even on the international scale), and partake in food festivities. The night concluded with the Talent Shine event where young ladies can take an opportunity to share a talent or hobby that they are passionate about. There were gifts of many varieties such as singing, painting, crafting, piano playing, and more! Every segment was followed by an explosion of applause, whoopin’, and hollerin’ as the crowd showed their support of each young lady that shared their passion up on the platform. Upon the completion of the Talent Shine event, the first day was finished and we all headed back to the hotel to prepare for the next day (Yes, we slept…eventually).

The second day started early with breakfast and coffee (aka essentials) before the morning classes began. Depending upon the age group, our young ladies would learn about the importance of living a life of purity. For our Esthers who were graduating, there was a special session for them pertaining to the same topic, as well as preparing for the graduation ceremony. Pastor’s wives, moms, and chaperones were involved with their own session and listened to an incredibly lifechanging testimony that was shared by Sis. Von De Leigh Wilbanks. Concluding the morning sessions there was free time before the ladies would get dressed up ALL FANCY for the Coronation Ceremony and Royal Tea that would follow. At the Coronation Ceremony, our graduates (who looked absolutely breathtaking and regal) were crowned by their Pastor’s Wife and received a purity oath that they would sign and verbally recognize. The acceptance of this oath indicated that they would be giving themselves to Jesus until the day they would be given over to their husband.

Afterwards, the entire congregation prayed over our young graduates with a Holy Ghost power that can’t be explained with words. That was the moment where everyone understood that this is what this conference was all about. Sure it’s a great opportunity for friendship and fun, but it was way more than that. We all know that forces are constantly coming against the church, but where the world is at today, there are voices and battles that come up against our young people like we’ve never seen before. Voices such as, but absolutely not limited to, confusion, perversion, rebellion, shame, guilt, hate, division, pride, and especially the rejection of keeping yourself pure until marriage is something, our young ladies especially, are faced with every single day. This conference reignites the understanding, the desire, and the courage that our children need to encourage them in their walk with Jesus. For our girls to be surrounded by Godly women and mentors of all areas, mingle and meet new friends, as well as have a safe place to dress up like a princess and embrace their femininity, I would highly recommend this conference to EVERYONE! This is definitely an opportunity I had growing up, and it truly moved my heart to witness such a beautiful and special moment for our young people to have with the God who so purposefully and delicately created them.  No one left that conference the same as they arrived, and it’s something no one will forget.

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