Easter Is Just Around the Corner! | Mar 29-31

Inland Lighthouse is buzzing with anticipation as preparations for the biannual Easter drama, “Forgiven,” kick into high gear.

For years, “Forgiven” has been drawing in crowds who might not otherwise darken the church’s doors but once they’re here, something incredible happens. They feel the power of God!

Now, behind the scenes, it’s all hands on deck. We’re talking rehearsals, tech setups, and costume fittings galore. Shoutout to the sound and tech crews who’ve been working tirelessly for weeks—hanging lights, testing mics, and setting all the scenes with sound effects and more.

And let’s not forget about the costume team. Seriously, they deserve a round of applause for managing outfits for over 150 cast members. That’s no small feat!

Oh, and props to the prop team.  They’ve been hustling also—building sets, gathering props, and soon will make the set you see pop!

But if there’s one person who deserves a standing ovation, it’s gotta be Sis Sarah Booker. She has been running on fumes for the past month, making sure everything’s running like a well-oiled machine.

With the big weekend just around the corner, we’re practically bursting with excitement. Who knows how many souls will be saved, how many lives will be changed, and what other miracles God has in store for us? One thing’s for sure—we can’t wait to find out. See you there!

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