Easter 2024

This past Easter weekend was an epic time for our church with 3 anointed performances of the Easter drama “FORGIVEN”, an original presentation written and directed by our own Sarah Booker. This dramatization of the events of Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection featured a cast/crew of over 150, and was a powerful depiction of the last days of our Lord’s ministry on earth. God’s Presence was here, and many people were touched on each night.

FRIDAY we had 1,077 people in service, 7 received the Holy Ghost and 1 was baptized. This was the largest single non-conference service in the almost 90-year history of ILC! SATURDAY we had 929 present, 8 received the Holy Ghost, and 3 were baptized. SUNDAY we had 908 in service, 6 received the Holy Ghost, and 2 were baptized. Also at the West Covina campus, 2 received the Holy Ghost and in Riverside 2 prayed back through and 1 receive the Holy Ghost for the first time! In Spanish 1 was baptized in the beautiful Name of Jesus.

Here is an excerpt from an email from one of our guests: “…My mother and I were completely taken over by the love of ILC’s members and leaders. They made us feel like royalty. We have never been treated like this before in any church ever!! The alter call at the end swept me away in the river of His Spirit. It was a supernatural experience!!! Many prayed for us at the altar. We left different than when we came in. We came parched from thirst for a lack of the presence of the Holy Spirit in churches where we attend. To hear hundreds praying in a heavenly language was the most magnificent experience! We left alive and `refreshed… The drama was very impactful and beautifully presented. God bless you.”


To the precious members of Inland Lighthouse, thank you so much for your prayers, your burden and your hard work that made last weekend possible!

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