Children’s Revival | Feb 17-18, 2024

The importance of children at Inland Lighthouse Church can never be overstated. Both our pastor and Bishop have placed an emphasis on this age group for both the members of our church as well as those in our community. We have classes each Sunday morning with breakfast provided, six bus routes that cover the Inland Empire, and so much more in an effort to see God accomplish everything He wants to do for these precious young people.

To that same end, we had an incredible weekend that focused on our children. It was our annual children’s revival where we took our weekly Sunday school to the main sanctuary and shifted the focus to our kids. It was fun, exciting, and interactive, but above all, it was still church! And God did an incredible work!

Our Sunday school team worked tirelessly to set up absolutely incredible décor with a massive castle, a forest, and an interactive welcome area in the foyer. Saturday night, our local Sunday school team told the story of a traveler seeking the kingdom where we learned about the plan of salvation. It concluded with Pastor Tyler Hodge wrapping up the night, and we saw God do incredible things in the altar! We had three children receive the Holy Ghost for the first time and two baptized in Jesus’ name!

The next day was more of the same, except that Pastor Tyler Hodge, after some preliminaries, lead  the service and did an absolutely incredible job! He taught that only God should be sitting on the throne of your heart and people responded!  We had two more receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and two baptized in Jesus name! God was so good!

Thank you to everyone who made this incredible event happen and to our leadership that knows how important our young people are!

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