BQ Tournament | March 10-11

Rialto Bible Quizzing Tournament

This month’s Bible Quizzing tournament was here in Rialto and what an incredible tournament it was! We had a great turnout and had many teams travel from all over California and Arizona to quiz. We had ten teams representing Rialto! We had two Beginner teams, three Junior teams, three Intermediate teams, and two Experienced teams with a total of 42 quizzers.Our teams have worked so hard to learn their material and they all did an awesome job at the tournament! 

In our Beginner teams, the Rialto 1 team (Alex Santiago, Victor Molina, and Faith Jasso) was first place with Alex Santiago as our 1st place highest scorer in the Beginner Division! Our Rialto 2 team (Riley Coggins, Aubrey Ramirez, and Marilyn Booker) was 3rd place with Aubrey Ramirez as the fourth highest scorer! Amazing job Rialto 1 and Rialto 2!

Our Junior teams, Rialto 1 (Zane Dillon, Anthony Lopez, Kenley Coggins, and Avelyn Booker), Rialto 2 (Cody Arnett, Dawson Booker, Abigail Ramirez, Anahi Montoya, and Kristin Dillon), and Rialto 3 (Daxon Reighard, Nathaniel Mack, Dianna Traylor, Leilani Jasso, and Joshua Molina) did a fantastic job! Rialto 1 was 5th place! Our junior teams also had two of the highest scorers in the tournament: Dawson Booker as the 5th highest and Zane Dillon as the 8th highest!

Our Intermediate teams quizzed so well! At the tournament we had Rialto 1 (Trenton Booker, Christopher Santiago, Randy Lee, Jared Rowell, and Noah Tirado), Rialto 2 (Elayna Booker, Riley Dunahoe, Peyton Booker, Landry Booker, and Lily Schnepp), and Rialto 3 (Ryan Lee, Riley Booker, Tyler Arnett, and Nickolai Traylor). Rialto 1 was in 4th place and Rialto 2 was in 2nd place! High scorers from our intermediate teams were Elayna Booker as the 2nd highest and Peyton Booker as the 4th highest. Awesome quizzing Rialto 1, Rialto 2, and Rialto 3!

Our Experienced teams, Rialto 1 (Danny Tirado, Denae Reighard, Jose Montoya, and Trystan Booker) and Rialto 2 (Natalya Booker, Olivia Schnepp, Oscar Echaverria, and Ruben Medina) did incredible! Rialto 1 was in 3rd place and Rialto 2 was in 2nd! Natalya Booker was the 2nd highest scorer and Denae Reighard was the 3rd highest!

It was an amazing tournament. Thank you for supporting our quizzers and coming out to see what quizzing is all about. Our next tournament will be in San Jose in April and we are looking forward to taking our teams!

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