Bible Quizzing Update | February, 2022

Earlier in February we had our first open Bible Quizzing tournament and we were able to take every Bible quizzer in the quiz program. In all we had 48 quizzers and 12 chaperones along with multiple families that accompanied their quizzers to the tournament. We completely filled the youth shuttle and one of the vans and we have to thank Danny Tirado and Guillermo Machuca who drove us all the way to Bakersfield and back.  Because it was a two day tournament with quizzing starting at 5:00 PM on Friday evening, we had to stay overnight in a hotel which can be very expensive for such a large group. However, through the extreme generosity of Kevin Reighard who took care of all the hotel rooms, there was no cost to the church or the quizzers for lodging.

At the tournament, the quizzers did a fantastic job and achieved excellent results. In our beginner division, we had two teams with eight quizzers that quizzed very well. One of our quizzers, Daxon Reighard, was the fourth highest individual scorer but all of the quizzers did very well.  The junior division also had two teams with 8 quizzers representing Rialto and they also did a great job. In fact, Rialto 2 came home with the fourth place trophy and Christopher Santiago was the second highest scorer in the tournament.

In the intermediate division, Rialto had five teams and 24 quizzers who all quizzed extremely well. Two of our teams, Rialto 1 and Rialto 2, tied for 5th place (just out of the trophy round), and Rialto 3 earned a trophy with a third place finish. There were also two quizzers from Rialto on the all-tournament team, with Elayna Booker as the 5th highest scorer and Ethan Avila as 3rd highest scorer.

In our experienced division we again had eight quizzers on two teams.  These quizzers quizzed spectacularly with both teams coming home with a trophy. Rialto 2 earned a third place trophy and Rialto 1 earned second place.  On the experienced all-tournament team, Natalya Booker was 3rd highest scorer and Trystan Booker was the highest scorer in the entire tournament.

If you are interested in learning more about Bible Quizzing, I urge you to come to the next tournament which is here in Rialto this weekend on March 11th and 12th. We would love to have you come out and support our quizzers and learn a little more about Bible quizzing. Thank you Inland Lighthouse for all of your support for this important ministry!

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