Bible Quizzing Tournament | May, 2022

In Redlands last weekend we had another Bible Quizzing tournament and our quizzers were amazing. In all we had 26 quizzers and sent 7 quiz teams with at least one team in every division, Beginner, Junior, Intermediate, and Experienced.

At the tournament, the quizzers did a fantastic job and achieved excellent results. In our beginner division, we had two teams with six quizzers that quizzed very well. One of our quizzes, Alex Santiago, was the fifth highest individual scorer but all of the quizzers did very well.  The junior division also had a team with four quizzers representing Rialto and they also did a great job. In fact, Rialto came home with the third place trophy and Christopher Santiago was the sixth highest scorer in the tournament.

In the intermediate division, Rialto had two teams and nine quizzers who all quizzed extremely well. Rialto 1 was undefeated through the first round which guaranteed them no less than second place, but Team 2 worked their way back through the second round and actually ended up defeating Rialto 1 twice to earn the championship trophy. There were also three quizzers from Rialto on the all-tournament team, with Elayna Booker as the 6th highest scorer, Olivia Schnepp as 3rd highest scorer, and Oscar Echevarria was the runner-up scoring champion.

In our experienced division we had seven quizzers on two teams.  These quizzers quizzed spectacularly with both teams coming home with a trophy. Rialto 2 lost only one quiz and earned the championship trophy and Rialto 1 came home with the third place trophy.  On the experienced all-tournament team, Daniel Tirado, Jr. was 3rd highest scorer and Trystan Booker was the highest scorer in the entire tournament.

The next tournament is the Regional Finals which will be held in Bakersfield on June 18. Thank you Inland Lighthouse for all of your support for this important ministry!

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