ABQNT 2023 | July 2023

The 2023 Bible Quizzing season ended this past month. We had 15 quizzers attend nationals and quizzed in each division! Our Beginner team was: Alex Santiago and Parker Kendrick (Fresno). Quizzing in the Junior division was: Zane Dillon, Cody Arnett, Dawson Booker, and Anthony Lopez. Our Intermediate quizzers were: Elayna Booker, Christopher Santiago, Randy Lee, Ryan Lee, and Ryan Dunahoe. And lastly, our Experienced team was: Daniel Tirado Jr., Jose Montoya, Oscar Echaverria, and Natalya Booker.

We are so proud of our quizzers! They did a fantastic job at the tournament.

Our Beginners and Juniors won two of their games and lost two games. The Junior’s two games that were lost came down to the very last question! The Intermediate Team also quizzed well and placed 4th overall in the nation! Our Experienced team also did an amazing job in their quizzes. Our teams also had individual achievements at the tournament. Natalya Booker quizzed out in her team’s winning quiz and received a gold medal for having a near-perfect quiz. Christopher Santiago quizzed out in multiple games and received a silver medal in two games. Elayna Booker received a silver medal in a quiz and was the 7th highest scorer in the overall tournament. This was also Daniel Tirado Jr.’s last year in Bible Quizzing after 5 years of putting God’s Word in his heart. It has been an incredible season of Bible Quizzing this year and we are looking forward to next season when our quizzers study the book of Acts!

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