25th Anniversary Services | November 11-13, 2022

Could there be a more perfect weekend than the one we just had here at Inland Lighthouse? From Friday evening all the way through Sunday night, every service, every speaker and every move of God was something special in its own right but was somehow coordinated in an incredible time in the Holy Ghost.

This weekend will doubtless be a landmark moment in the history of this church. Of course, the many different celebrations such as the burning of the mortgage note, the 85 years of this church being established in this area, Bishop’s 70th birthday, 50th year in ministry and 25 years in Rialto and finally the five year pastoral anniversary of pastor Joel Booker were incredible in their own right but much more than that took place.  It is safe to say that God put a stamp on this church!

On Friday there was an absolutely packed house as many neighboring churches and ministers from afar came to celebrate with us! Every seat was full and we had to pull in about 100 chairs to accommodate the overflow.  While this is exciting, it was what followed that made the night truly memorable.  There was a move of God from the very beginning of service, through the worship and choir and finally during the incredible preaching of evangelist Cody marks. The night ended with an incredible move of God in the altars as saints and visitors alike were touched.

Saturday was incredible as well as once again the choir sang and the power of God fell.  After a few remarks and presentations, Elder Vaughn Morton preached in his inimitable way and once again the altars were flooded with people.

Sunday, was just… well, you had to be there to really understand what all happened.  It began with Elder OC Marler preaching a tremendous message about soul winning in the marketplace which was followed by a presentation to Bishop and sis Booker honoring their years of service. The morning was topped off by Bishop Nathaniel Wilson preaching how only he can about “The Journey” of the Rialto church.

And then Sunday night happened… It’s impossible to encapsulate what took place in words but suffice it to say that the power of God moved from the beginning to the end in a way that will forever transform this church. From powerful outbreaks of worship, to many people getting the Holy Ghost, several being baptized and praying through and much more happening that we were not even aware of it was a night that will be a landmark at ILC. Pastor Mayo gave only few remarks as did his wife and then the power of God once again fell from the front to the back.  The long lingering alter call kept many in the sanctuary until late as God continued to move.

When the altar call finally came to an end, the church went outside and had an incredible meal in a tent setup outside.  It was chilly but thankfully the wind held and a great time of fellowship was had by everyone in attendance.

We cannot thank everyone that made this weekend happen enough.  It was an staggering labor of love by many to pull off this herculean effort.  God has truly been good to Inland Lighthouse.

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