Sunday School | April 3

Sunday School is awesome!  On just a “normal” Sunday we had a great class and 2 of our bus kids received the Holy Ghost for the first time.  Another one of them was refilled with the Holy Ghost after having received it a couple of years ago.  There were many kids praying across the room… Beautiful.

Thank you to all of the teachers and helpers that made this happen.

2016-04-03 10.34.25We had a fun magic show, some great silly songs, gospel lava lamps, the spinning wheel of giving and slimy trust in the Superclass but our 3-4 year olds were not to be outdone!  In a setting where they have to setup and tear down all of their props each week, they made their class look exceptional!  They painted a backdrop illustrating Abraham and Isaac and in blacklight paint they painted the angel that appears to stop Abraham’s knife.  SO COOL!

Thank you Jesus for blessing ILC with such fantastic teachers!

God is moving in both our Children’s ministry and in many churches across the nation.  Thank you Jesus!

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