Covid-19 Update for ILC

As you all know, the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit worldwide and is creating turmoil and radical change in our society. Even though we are writing you this announcement today, we may update or change our policies tomorrow or in the near future. Please follow us on our social media platforms and check our website regularly for current updates.

Our top priority, as a church, is to keep you and your family safe. We ask you to follow the important health directives coming from the CDC, which are to thoroughly wash your hands (20-30 seconds) often and especially when using the restroom, wear a mask when in public places and in close proximity to others and to avoid touching your face.

Please know that during this time we are praying diligently for each of you, as well as our greater community. Our leadership team has been working tirelessly over recent days, both monitoring and adapting to the new realities the Covid-19 pandemic has presented.

General Information on COVID-19:

Although the measures being enacted are unprecedented — in both our church and government history — we understand the importance of the role we need to play while praying the curve of this pandemic is flattened.

We are here to serve you. You will hear from us frequently. We love each of you. We love our community. Check up on each other. Check on your neighbors. Pray for each other. We will get through this.

Stay Tuned…

Pastor Joel Booker

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