Verbal Bean – Works of the Holy Ghost

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A few excerpts from ���Works of the Holy Ghost���

  • Here���s a point that I���ve contended all along���In no area that I knew was there any sunlight being given the little, withering plant, called the evangelist. It is taught in every school and conference I know of: learn to be a good pastor, official, or both. If you attain on of these, that���s the ultimate. The spotlight is there. Naturally a young man reaches for what the spotlight is showing. As a result, we have no evangelists that amount to anything, because that ministry is given no sunlight. But, the Lord helped me believe this institution is going to pull the shades back. We���re going to give sunlight to the work of the evangelist, because it���s a needed work.
  • Brethren, if the words of the Holy Ghost don���t come and help us, and I���m not underestimating the preaching of the Word. The Word of God will cleanse, but unless we have an anointing, a move of God, and the works of the Holy Ghost, we could preach until we fall in the pulpit, and people are still going to sin. I have found that unless there is a pinpointed manifestation, some people will never repent.
  • I beg you in the name of Jesus to not be satisfied until God is talking to you. I may go a step further and scare you, and all those that hear the tapes, but I don���t think you ought to be satisfied with mental impressions of the Spirit. Seek after a personal visitation.