Verbal Bean – The Battlefield

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In 1963, Elder Verbal Bean was called upon to preach a revival in Laurel, Mississippi. Little did Elder Bean know the battle awaiting him.

Over half of the saints had few if any holiness standards. Ruling members of the church did not have the Holy Ghost, never had the Holy Ghost, and would never desire the Holy Ghost. Pentecostal pastors and preachers for years had told them they did not need to be baptized in Jesus��� name, nor did they need the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Led of the Holy Ghost, and trusting completely in His Word, Elder Bean appealed to the confused and miled saints in Laurel, while at the same time reaching for the lost.

During the four revivals Elder Bean preached in Laurel, over 75 members left the church, and went into flase doctrine. But in the same revivals, approximately 100 sinners came to God, were baptized in Jesus��� name, and received the Holy Ghost.