Verbal Bean – Prayer

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A few excerpts from ���Prayer:���

  • I���ve often said, God doesn���t care until we care. If that���s not true, why do whole cities lay waste, and nobody there is saved?
  • Every time I���ve entered into intercessory prayer I���ve got results!
  • I���m convinced if I will stop, get alone with God, and absorb His presence, I can do more in an hour���s time, than if I slave all day long within my own human ingenuity.
  • I���m contending that the promises from Genesis to Revelation were made to encourage you to ask God for what He wants to give you!
  • You���ll never accomplish anything unless you learn to war with spirits through intercession.
  • Where there���s worship there���ll be a God, and where there���s God there���ll be worship!