Interested in a 1 hour crash course in Bible Study Teacher Training?
Check out the video below:

Bible Reading Chart, Robert Roberts

Recommended reading for any prospective or current Bible Study Teacher:

Bible Study Action Plan, Tselot Kifle

Follow to Lead, Stan Gleason


Following the Pattern (Highest Recommendation)

Have You?


Into His Marvelous Light

A Place Prepared For You 

The Gospel, UPCI Youth Ministries

10 Slide Basic Bible Study, Preston Brown (watch it taught)

Why I Believe (Youth Bible Study 5-Part Series)

Lesson 1, Why I Believe The Bible

Lesson 2, Why I Believe in Bible Salvation

Lesson 3, Why I Believe in One God

Lesson 4, Why I Believe in Holiness

Lesson 5, Why I Believe in Creation

Apostolic Crusaders (AC) Bible Study, Josh Wilson (4 Lessons)

Search For Truth Chart (12 Lessons)

The Bible Made Simple Digital Download (13 Lessons)

THEMATIC Study Resources

The Godhead, A Bible Study, William R. Starr

Raymond Woodward Bible Study Webpage

BOOKS to Study through:

What a Difference A Line Can Make, Larry Booker

Theology for the Rest of Us, Kelly Nix